Exporting Data

Do-it allows you to easily export your organisation, opportunity, application or volunteer data easily from the recruiter dashboard.

From any of the tabs on the recruiter dashboard you will be able to the data relevant to the page you are on. For example, if you are on the 'My opportunities' tab and then you click on 'Export', you will request an export of all your opportunity data. The export button will always be found to the right, just above the header columns of the data you want exported.


If you choose to use the search function or the 'filter dates' selections before clicking on the export button, the export you request will be subjected to these same filters.

An email will notify you when you export is ready to be downloaded.


Clicking on 'Download CSV' will take you to a page where your export will start to download immediately. The CSV export can then be opened up and viewed in Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, or the majority of all spreadsheet software available.


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