How to add a new organisation

If you are creating your first organisation, begin by signing in on the main homepage. Once you are signed in, click on 'Find volunteers' from the top of the page.


Please read the following page carefully, making sure you're happy with how Do-it handles both organisations and opportunities. If it all looks good to you, click on 'Got it. Let's go' at the bottom of the page.

If you already have one organisation tied to your account, navigate to the 'My organisations' section of your recruiter dashboard. You will see the option to create a new organisation on the right hand side of the page.

IF YOU DON'T SEE A RECRUITER DASHBOARD, THAT'S BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T CREATED AN ORGANISATION PAGE YET. Either click on 'Find volunteers' as above, or follow this link to go straight to the organisation creation page:

There are four sections to complete when creating a new organisation. 

Organisation name 

You will need to enter a name for your organisation. You should also enter your charity number here if you have one.

Organisation description

Next, enter a description of your organisation. This could explain your organisation’s mission and goals, the activities your organisation is engaged in, or when you were set up. It can be any description you want, limited to 4000 characters.

Organisation location

Here is where you should enter the address for your organisation headquarters. For example, if you are creating a local old people’s home as an organisation, the organisation is based in that home. The postcode, address line 1, and town are mandatory fields.

Organisation contact details

Whilst a main contact number and email address are required, they are purely for admin assistance on our side. Filling in your website and social media links will add buttons to your organisation page which will link to these places. You can also fill in a donation page link.

Click on 'Save and view' to see your new organisation page. You'll find you will need to add a logo image, as well as a header image if you'd like one, and this can be done by clicking on the camera icon indented on these areas. 



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