Leaving and deleting an organisation

You can leave organisations from the 'My organisations' section of your recruiter dashboard. 


From here, select the checkbox(es) to the left of the organisations you wish to leave, and then click on the 'Leave selected' button.


After confirming that you want to leave, you will no longer have administrator rights for that organisation. This will not affect other administrators set up for that organisation.

If you were the sole administrator for that organisation, the organisation will still be searchable on Do-it. If you would like the organisation to be completely removed from the Do-it site, please email support@do-it.org, making sure to include a link to the organisation page.

If you would like your organisation page to be deleted and there are other administrators still active on the site, we would require that they are contacted before the organisation is deleted. If you aren't sure who the active administrators are, email us on support@do-it.org and we can provide you with a list to contact.

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