How to search for volunteering opportunities

Do-it is great at searching for volunteering opportunities around you. From the homepage, put in your postcode in the search box and click 'Submit' to see volunteering opportunities in your local area. To search the site in the simplest way possible, this is the easiest way to find new opportunities quickly.


Alternatively you can click on 'Start volunteering' at the top of our homepage. (Or click here)

When searching by location on the site, you can enter your postcode, town, borough or region to find opportunities in that area. In some places you can use your current physical location - if you see a compass symbol in your search field, clicking on that will find your location through your computer's IP address.

To enter a location manually, start by typing in the box. This will bring a drop-down menu of options, and you must the select your location from these drop-down menus.


And don't forget to specify how far you want to travel.

You can also pick 'Do-it from home' for volunteering opportunities which can be completed at home. 

Hitting submit after filling in the above information will then present you with volunteering opportunities which fit your location criteria. 

Advanced Search

You can filter suitable volunteering opportunities by selecting from any of the optional categories after clicking on 'advanced search' from our search page.


You can then filter by the times you are available, the causes you wish to volunteer for, activities that interest you, skills you have, and many other filters. 

None of the filters are mandatory and you can pick as many as you like. 

Then you'll get a list of results which match your search criteria. You can change any of the criteria you've used at any time. 


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