Understanding Locations

This guide will explain how the locations work on Do-it.org opportunities.

When creating a new opportunity, you will need to enter a location for the opportunity, at this point in the process:

When clicking on the drop-down menu, you will see you have 4 options:


1. No location

Most volunteering opportunities will not fit this category, as there are only occasionally volunteering roles which have no location at all. However, sometimes you may need to list a role which can be done from anywhere, and this would be the location you choose. For example, a charity may need a volunteer to proof-read something, and this can be done from home, from the office, from a coffee shop.

To a volunteer, this shows as 'Flexible location' on the opportunity information.

2. Working from home

When a volunteering opportunity needs to be done from the volunteer’s home, this would be the location you would select.

3. Regional or local area

When a volunteering opportunity can be done in various locations across a region or local area, this would be the option you’d choose. It brings up another box like this:

In this box, you can choose a region/area as big or small as you like; however, it has to be an area recognisable by Google Maps. You cannot just write anything you want, but rather you have to choose from a drop-down menu like this:


If you find that the area you need is not in the list, please submit a request and we will see if it is possible to add it. Please include as much information as possible.

4. Specific address 

When a volunteering role takes place at a specific location, this is the option you would choose. For example, if a community centre needs a volunteer, you would enter here the address and postcode of the centre.

This is what you will see:

Please make sure you enter a Postcode, Address 1, and Town.

How do locations work on Do-it.org?

Like many websites, Do-it.org's locations are structured by longitude and latitude. This means that for a location, e.g. 'Bolton', there is a unique longitude/latitude point that is designated as 'Bolton', and this is the centre point of the area, as determined by Google Maps.

What this means, then, is that if you locate your opportunity in a big region, e.g. 'North of England', the opportunity is actually located at the centre point of that area. So, if a volunteer searches with their postcode, which is in the North of England but is some distance away from that centre point of the location on the website, those opportunities may not appear in their search, or may appear quite far down the list.

We recommend that you locate opportunities with specific addresses wherever possible, because these opportunities are more likely to appear in the relevant volunteer searches. If you want to locate in a regional/local area, we recommend you do not pick too big an area, and be aware that it will be missed by some volunteers depending on the postcode or location they use, and the 'within distance' they select.



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