Navigating the website

Trouble finding features on This guide will help you navigate the Do-it website.

After you have successfully signed in to, you will be looking at the homepage like this:


Recruiter dashboard

To find the Recruiter side of the website, please click on the red ‘Your Do-it’ button in the top right hand corner, which brings a drop-down menu:

Please click on ‘Recruiter dashboard’.

This brings up the page ‘My Organisations’:

Your organisations will be in alphabetical order.

From this page, you can navigate to:

1. My opportunities: this is where you will find all the opportunities you have, for all your organisations, in Live, Draft or Expired form.

2. My applications: this is where you will find all the applications made by volunteers for your opportunities

3. My volunteers: this is where you will find the profiles of all the volunteers which have volunteered for you, i.e. which you have Placed (for more information about the application process, see here).

4. My job ads: this is where you can add, edit or delete adverts for paid jobs.


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