If you've signed in to and are wondering what to do next, this short guide will help, by showing some of the main features on the website.

1) Start volunteering or Find an opportunity

If you click on either Start Volunteering or Find an opportunity:

You will be taken to the Volunteering Opportunity Search page:

Please see our guidance here on how to search for volunteering roles.

2) News and Campaigns

If you click on News and Campaigns, or alternatively scroll down your screen, you will be able to see our volunteering news stories, and more information about campaigns we're supporting:


Check back regularly, as we're always updating these articles!

3) Your Do-it

If you click on Your Do-it, it brings you a menu like such:

You dashboard: see our guidance here.

Volunteering preferences: see our guidance here.

Volunteering CV: see our guidance here.

Account settings: see our guidance here.

There is lots more to see and do on, so have fun exploring!


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