Known Issues - Updated 17th January 2020

Please ensure you read this article before contacting the helpdesk. If your issue is listed we are aware of this problem and working to resolve it.

Recent changes in blue


General Issues


Site Speed

We have continued to improve speeds across the site, and still aim to improve overall site speeds further. We have recently also implemented a loading wheel to make it clearer when pages are still loading.


Recruiter Specific Issues


Missing opportunities in dashboard

If you are able to see an opportunity on your organisation page, but not on your recruiter dashboard, it may be that the opportunity is missing a location field due to a bug. You can fix this issue yourself by adding '/edit' to the end of the URL for the opportunity (if you have permissions to edit). If you need help resolving this issue, do contact support.

Multiple Location Removal

We are aware at the moment of a bug when trying to remove a location when multiple locations have been used on an opportunity listing, where that location has had an application made against it. At the moment, the site will not let you remove that location from the listings. The advice in the meantime is to recreate that opportunity with the locations you want set against it, and to set the bugged opportunity as draft, whilst we look into fixing this.

At the moment you can only remove the 'last' added location on opportunity listings too - we are looking at making it so that you can remove any location from the opportunity listing.

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