Adding a new opportunity

Setting up a opportunity on Do-it is easy, the following guidance will help you get your publish a role.

In order to add a new opportunity to the Do-it website please first go to your ‘Recruiter dashboard’:

and then select ‘My opportunities’:

This will display a complete list of all the opportunities that you currently have listed as Offered By the Volunteer Centre.

Add an opportunity

Within the ‘My opportunities’ page please select the ‘Add Opportunity’ button located on the right hand side of the page, this will load up the new opportunity form.

New opportunity form


1) What is the opportunity?

  • Title - First enter the opportunity title. Note the title can be up to 100 characters long. Please be as descriptive as possible as this will give the potential volunteer more information and be more engaging.
  • This opportunity is offered by - Which organisation is posting this opportunity?
    This is a required field and limited to organisations that you are an administrator of. On the live opportunity this will display as ‘Listed by:’ and display a logo of the organisation. Please note that only the "Offered By" organisation will be able to edit and manage the opportunity.  Applicant management is determined by "All applications should go to" below.
  • This opportunity is offered for - Which organisation is this opportunity for?, i.e. which organisation wants volunteers for this role? This is another required field and limited to organisations that you are an administrator of. On the live opportunity this will display as ‘Listed for:’ and display a logo of the organisation if one is uploaded.
  • All applications should go to – if you have chosen different ‘offered for’ and ‘offered by’ options this option becomes active. This field allows you choose whose details will be shown in the Apply To column of My Applications; i.e. when you broker the volunteer, whose details do you need?
  • Alternative contact point - only fill in this section if the contact details you wish to see on the application are different to those contact details you have entered in the organisation information. More detailed information about this is available about this in our guide here.

2) About the opportunity

  • Description - Describe your volunteering role as accurately as possible as this is what the volunteer will read on the Do-it website. This field has a limited character length of 4000 characters and please make sure you spell check before publishing.
  • What are you looking for? – Giving potential volunteers an idea of what is required from them to be able to fulfil the role well.

3) Opportunity information

  • Practical considerations -  any practical information you wish the volunteer to know, for example whether you cover volunteer’s expenses or not.
  • Requirements - when a volunteer tries to register their interest for an opportunity they must agree to these criteria first before the registration can be submitted. This space can be helpful to bring attention to potential volunteers any restrictions / criteria that a volunteer will have to meet in order to be considered suitable for this opportunity.
  • Suitabilities – who/what the opportunity is suitable for, this list will help a volunteer decide if they wish to apply for this opportunity.
  • Number of volunteers - how many volunteers do you require for this role/number of places available.

4) Categorising your opportunity

The categories 'Interests' and 'Activities' will be used by volunteers to filter their searches here, and the 'Skills' categories are for providing more information about the role.

  • Suitable for volunteers interested in - Please select a maximum of 5 key subject areas.
  • What skills will they gain? - Please select a maximum of 5 key subject areas.
  • What skills should they have? - Please select a maximum of 5 key subject areas.
  • What activities will they do? - Please select a maximum of 5 key subject areas.

5) Where is the opportunity located?

Please see our guidance here for a full break down on how locations work on the Do-it website.

6) When is the opportunity available?

  • Start and End dates - this is when the volunteer will actually be doing the role; for example this may be an event that only lasts a day, or a longer-term role.
  • Time of day – please select the time(s) this role takes place.
  • Advertising Start and Advertising End dates - this is when you want the role to appear live on You may want to start advertising the role immediately, or at some point in the near future.

7) Finishing up

  • Save and publish - saves and publishes the opportunity, i.e. makes the opportunity Live (if you have set the Advertising Start date to today).
  • Save as draft - Saves the opportunity as a Draft.


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