What is an Alternative Contact?

When creating or editing an opportunity, you have the option to add details of an Alternative Contact. This guide will explain what that means.

The 'Main Contact' is the contact details that you enter in an Organisation's record, here:


There are often times, however, when the person within the organisation that is recruiting volunteers is NOT the same person as the Main Contact. This is when you will need to store the details of that Alternative Contact:

This is found in the 'What is this opportunity' section of Create or Edit an Opportunity.

What does it do?

The Alternative Contact is for display only; i.e. it does not mean that the contact will get sent a notification email directly.

The contact details will be displayed on the My Applications page as below:

Which means that when you log in to Do-it, you will be able to see those details, and will be able to pass on the registration of interest to that contact (if that is how you broker volunteering).

If you wish the Alternative Contact to get notifications of applications directly, they will need to Sign Up to Do-it, and then be made an Administrator of the organisation.

Please see our guidance here on managing an organisation's administrators.


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