How to update 'Account settings'

This guide will explain what your Account settings are, how to update them, and why you should fill out your details.

Your Account settings are the place where you can update the information about yourself.

From the Your Do-it button in the top right-hand corner:

select Account settings from the drop-down menu:

This is what you will first see:

1) Profile picture

The first thing you can do is change your profile picture:

If you click on 'Change profile picture', it will open a menu where you can select an image from your computer.

Any normal picture will work here, in most cases. If you're having trouble uploading a profile picture, make sure:

  • the file type is a JPEG; PNG; or GIF
  • the file size is no larger than 1Mb
  • the pixel size is around 500x500

If you still have trouble, submit a request for help.

2) About you

Secondly, you can update your information:

  • First name - your first name; this is a mandatory field
  • Last name - your last name; this is a mandatory field
  • Date of birth - this is optional
  • Gender - this is optional
  • Ethnicity - select from the drop down menu; this is optional
  • Edit your bio - you can put a paragraph or two in here about yourself. Some suggestions for what to write in here could be work and volunteering experience; your interests and passions; your goals for the future or aims for volunteering.
  • Contact number - an additional way for organisations to get in contact with you; this is optional.

This information is optional (apart from your name) but filling this out will be really helpful for the organisations that you apply to volunteer for, because they will know more about you at a glance. We know that volunteers who fill out this information get Placed more quickly, so you can get volunteering faster!

Don't forget to press Save when you make changes in this section.

3) Communication settings

You can change your email address on here:

This email address will be the one that you use to log in to the website next time. It will also be the email address that you get sent Do-it emails to, and the email address that is provided to organisations (that you apply to) to contact you on.

It is important that you double check this email address for typos or spelling mistakes.

Press Save when you have filled in both boxes.

4) Your Password

You can change your password here:

Enter your old password, and then your new password twice, and press Save, to change the password that you use to sign in to Do-it. Please make sure this is a memorable and a secure password.


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