What is my 'Volunteering CV'?

This guide will explain what your Volunteering CV is, and how you can get the best out of it.

A great feature of Do-it.org for volunteers is the ability to create a Volunteering CV. This is a showcase of all the volunteering you've done, so you can share it with potential employers or any organisation you like!

From the Your Do-it button in the top right-hand corner:

select Volunteering CV from the drop-down menu:

This will be what you first see:

The information your Volunteering CV is a collection of the information on Your Dashboard and Account Settings which you would want to share with other people.

1) This is your name

2) This is your profile picture

3) This is your bio

To change any of these fields, you need to go to Account Settings.

4) 'Your Headline Stats' - this is where your key achievements are listed: the hours you've volunteered; how many of your roles have been verified by the organisation you volunteered for; and the number of organisations you manage.

In order to update the hours you've volunteered, go to Your Dashboard, and for any role that you are currently volunteering in you will be able to edit your hours, like this:

In order to get 'Verified completed activities', you need to ask the organisation that you volunteer for to log in and Verify your volunteering.

'Number of organisations you manage' - this is to reflect if you set up a project or an organisation and recruit other volunteers on Do-it to help you. This is a great way to make a positive change in your community as well as a great thing to have on your CV; see our guidance about this here. (Guidance due asap).

As you scroll down the page, you get to Your Volunteering History:

This will be a list of the roles which you have been Placed in, i.e. invited to start volunteering in. You will be able to see all of these, and you can choose which ones are visible to other people:

If this section says 'Hide this', it will be on your Volunteering CV. If it says 'Show this' it will not be on your Volunteering CV.

Scroll down again, and this is what you see:

Summary of skills used is a collection of all the skills which the organisation needed in a volunteer, and which you have proved you've got by doing those roles.

Print profile means you can print a copy of this information.

View your public profile takes you to the public version of your Volunteering CV. This page can be shared with anyone you like, they do not need to be signed in to Do-it to see it. It is also the page that organisations are given the option to look at when you apply for one of their roles, so they can quickly and easily see the great things you've done through Do-it.


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