What is an Alternative Contact?

When creating or editing an opportunity, you have the option to add details of an Alternative Contact. This guide will explain what that means, and when you should use it.

In the form to Create or Edit an Opportunity, in the 'What is this opportunity' section, you will see this:

What does this mean?

When you Create or Edit an Organisation, you are asked to fill in contact details for that organisation; this is the 'Main Contact':

When a volunteer registers an interest in an opportunity listed by your organisation, the contact details are displayed on the My Applications page, in the Opportunity column.

There may be occasions when you (the Do-it user) will need contact details of someone else within the organisation; i.e. someone who is not the 'Main Contact' for the organisation.

For example, imagine you work for an organisation, and a colleague from a different department asks you to put up an opportunity for them, to recruit a volunteer. It will be helpful to you to have the option to put down that colleague's name, phone number and email address so that when a volunteer registers their interest, you are able to pass it on straight away. This is where you would want to enter an Alternative Contact.

What does it do?

The Alternative Contact is for display only; i.e. it does not mean that the contact will get sent a notification email directly.

The contact details will be displayed on the My Applications page as below:

Which means that when you log in to Do-it, you will be able to see those details, and will be able to pass on the registration of interest to that contact.

If you wish the Alternative Contact to get notifications of applications directly, they will need to Sign Up to Do-it, and then be made an Administrator of the organisation.

Do I need an Alternative Contact?

If you, the User of Do-it, are the person who will be responding to the registrations of interest from volunteers, then you do not need to worry about passing on any details to any colleagues. So you will not need to enter an Alternative Contact into an Opportunity.

If you, the User of Do-it, are passing on registrations of interest to one colleague, then you should put that colleague's details in the Organisation information, and then you will always be shown those details on the My Applications page.

If you, the User of Do-it, are passing on registrations of interest to more than one colleague, then the Alternative Contact will be very useful. You will still be shown the contact details from the Organisation information, but you will also be shown the Alternative Contact details, and you will have the necessary information to pass on the registration of interest to the right person within your organisation.


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