What do I do if I don't hear back about my registration of interest?

This guide will help you if you have not been contacted about your registration of interest.

When you register an interest in a volunteering role on Do-it, you get an acknowledgement email about this from Do-it. The next communication you receive should be from the recruiting organisation directly.

However, occasionally volunteers may register an interest in a role on Do-it, and then not hear anything from the organisation about getting started.

Before worrying, please make sure:

  • you have checked your spam folder for any emails sent to you by the organisation
  • it has been at least 7 days since you registered an interest
  • any information you have entered is accurate, especially your postcode

Who do you contact?

The next step, if you are still interested in volunteering in that role, is to contact the recruiting organisation directly.

To do this, please submit a request, at the top of the page, with the following information:

  • your email address
  • the full title of the opportunity you've applied for (You can find this by going to Your Dashboard, or in the email received from Do-it.org) 
  • the date you applied

We will then be able to provide the contact email address of the organisation you registered an interest with, so you can contact them directly to enquire about progressing with your application.


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