'My Applications' on Recruiter dashboard

This guide will explain how the section 'My Applications' works on your Recruiter dashboard.

To reach your My Applications page, select Recruiter dashboard from the Your Do-it drop-down menu:

and then click My Applications here:

My Applications

The page opens automatically to show you All applications, ordered by most recent first:

And there a many ways you can filter these applications for ease of use.

1) Search applications

The search bar allows you to search by name of applicant, name of opportunity, and name of Apply to organisation. Type in a key word, and press Enter on your keyboard. To clear this, delete the text in the box and press Enter again.

2) Filter dates

You can filter here by date the registration of interest was made: either since yesterday, in the last week or in the last month.

To remove this filter, select the option 'filter dates' again.

3) Need action

If you click on this tab, it will show you applicants who have registered an interest and are waiting for you to contact them, or volunteers with logged hours for you to verify.

This tab is good for you to know which applications need your attention first, so you can get back to applicants as quickly as possible.

4) All

This tab will show you every volunteer who has registered an interest in one of your opportunities, i.e. all new, open, placed, verified and closed applications.

5) Open

Here you can see all new applicants, i.e. all the people who are in the first stage of the process, having registered their interest. They are now waiting to hear back from you about the next stage.

Open applications are also shown in Need Action.

6) Placed

This is a list of all volunteers you have selected to start volunteering with you; i.e. the volunteer registered their interest, were contacted and taken through an application process, and have been selected to volunteer, so you have clicked Placed.

7) Verified

The next stage after placing a volunteer is to Verify their volunteering, and this tab will show you all the volunteers who have had their volunteering verified.

8) Closed

If you click on 'Not placed' on an open application, or 'Ignore' on a placed application, those applications will be Closed, and show in the Closed tab.


There is the option to export the data from My Applications by clicking on the Export button:


This will, as normal, generate an email to you from where you can download the file, see here for more on exporting.

Please note: when you click Export, it will export the data from whichever tab you are currently looking at. So if you're on All, it will export all the data; if you're on Placed, it will export all Placed data.

Similarly, if you have filtered by key word or date, then the export will include that filtered data. So if you've selected 'last week', it will export all the data from the last week.


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