How to add an administrator to an organisation

This guide will explain how to add another administrator to an organisation profile.

1) The user needs to Sign Up and verify

The person you wish to add as an administrator needs to Sign Up, and verify their account, according to the guidance here.

2) Go to My Organisations

Click on Recruiter Dashboard from the Your Do-it drop down menu:

And on My Organisations, find the organisation you want, then click on the Administrator button:

Here you'll see a list of any other administrators for the organisation, if there are any.

Note: you won't see your own details here because this is a list of additional administrators; you are an administrator if you can see the organisation in My Organisations.

3) Add another administrator

Click on the red button 'Add another administrator':

Enter the user's email address (that they have previously registered), and tick the permissions you want to grant. Click Save.

Note: to read more about permissions see here.


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