What is self-service?

Self-service is a key part of the Do-it platform, designed to both help Volunteer Centres cut down on administration work and improve the experience for volunteers. This guide explains what is is.

On Do-it.org, each organisation has a profile page, and for organisations which post their opportunities via a Volunteer Centre, by default you, the Volunteer Centre, are the only administrator for that profile.

This means that only you can edit the profile; add, edit and delete opportunities; and view registrations of interest from volunteers.

By setting up an organisation to self-serve, this means that they are added as an administrator to their organisation profile, and can start to take on some of the actions listed above.

There are different types of self-service:

1) Complete self-service

2) Joint administration

3) Selective self-service

Please click the links above to see the guides on how to set up self-service in these ways.

Why would you offer self-service?

Self-service was designed with primarily small Volunteer Centres in mind, but can be beneficial to all VCs. We know that many VCs are struggling to adapt with reduced funding so we wanted to create functionality that could help them to cut down on their admin and free up time to spend it on those individuals and organisations that need their support the most.

  • Self-serve significantly reduces the amount of time you need to spend on adding and updating opportunities, and dealing with volunteer enquiries.
  • You still have access to all the data you need for reporting and monitoring.
  • Volunteers have a better experience as their applications are sent direct to the organisation.
  • Organisations take responsibility for maintaining their presence on Do-it directly, ensuring opportunities are up-to-date and removed when no longer required.


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