Why can't I see opportunities in my dashboard?

Do-it.org allows organisations to share recruitment abilities with other users or Volunteer Centres.   

When listing or editing an opportunity, it is important to pay attention to the "Offered by" and "Offered for" fields.  This allows a Volunteer Centre to list an ad on behalf of another organisation, or an organisation to list an opportunity themselves.

If an opportunity is "Offered By" a Volunteer Centre, only the administrators for the Volunteer Centre will have control over the opportunity listing.

If you are not an administrator for the Volunteer Centre, you can't see the opportunities in "My Opportunities" as it is owned and managed by the Volunteer Centre.  You can however see them from the front end of the site.  Also, if a volunteer registers interest, a link to the role will show next to their name in "My Applications".

If an opportunity is "Offered by" and "Offered for" the same organisation, every administrator for the organisation, and every Volunteer Centre involved will have access to the opportunity.

If you share administration with a Volunteer Centre, they will also receive registrations of interest in "My Applications".

Underneath these options,there is also an option called "Applications should go to". This determines who receives volunteer information in the "My Applications" or "My Volunteers" section of the recruiter dashboard. If an opportunity is listed by a Volunteer Centre, they can choose whether the Volunteer Centre or the organisation gets notifications of registrations of interest in the Recruiter Dashboard.

(Note: Notification emails for registrations of interest will go to all administrators, whether or not they have access to the opportunity editing page.)


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