Why won't the site let me add an organisation page?

When adding an organisation page, you may be faced with a message saying "This Organisation Already Exists", or the site doesn't allow you to save the page and continue.

It is very likely that at some point in the past, this organisation has asked Volunteer Centres to recruit on Do-it on their behalf.  In some cases they may have asked multiple Volunteer Centres, which may have resulted in multiple pre-existing pages.

As these pages belong to the Volunteer Centres or organisations originally responsible for recruitment, you cannot automatically be given access to the existing page.  If you intend to recruit volunteers using an existing page name, this must be communicated to the page's owner.

If you receive this error, please let support@do-it.org know the exact name of the organisation page you're trying to create, and we will further connect you to the page's owner.

This is best practice because the creation of multiple similar organisation pages can be confusing for volunteers, and it allows for communication between the organisation's counterparts and Volunteer Centres about how volunteers will be recruited.

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