I've registered interest in an opportunity. What happens next?

Once you've clicked "Register My Interest", the volunteer organisation or recruiter will receive a notification that you're interested in the role they've posted on Do-it.org.

  • You will receive an email acknowledging that you've registered interest in an opportunity.  Make sure that you find this email in your inbox so that you know you're not missing out on any further communication!
  • Do-it.org will send your information to the volunteer organisation.  We highly recommend entering a phone number as most issues are related to difficulties with email communication.
  • The next contact should come from the volunteer organisation or recruiter.  It may be an email asking for more information, or a request for an interview.  Be sure to check your spam/junk folders in your email inbox.
  • After you've been placed for a volunteer opportunity, you should receive an email from Do-it.org saying "Congratulations! You have been placed".


What to do if you've received an email saying "Congratulations! You have been placed" in error:

Do-it.org sends automatic emails for recruiters when they update their records, so it is likely that this email may have been sent accidentally.  The good news is they likely interested in having you volunteer with them.


If you'd like clarity about next steps, we'd recommend reaching out to the organisation that posted the listing directly. 

What to do if you have not been contacted about your registration of interest:

Before worrying, please make sure:

  • You have checked your spam folder
  • It has been at least 7 days since you registered an interest as many recruiters are part time
  • Your profile information is correct.  We highly recommend entering a phone number, as this is often related to email issues.




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