Does the platform provide a standard form to request a volunteering opportunity along with the skills they can provide and the impact that it will have on a) the volunteer, b) the charity and c) Helpforce?

During onboarding, the volunteer will have listed their skillset, availability and other details that will provide a clear idea of suitability for a volunteering role.

All volunteering opportunities listed within the Helpforce marketplace will contain comprehensive information that will be displayed to the individual user when they expand the details to read more.

If the volunteer wishes to proceed, they will click the Register Interest button on the volunteering opportunity page. This will then trigger an email and platform notification to the admin user at the organisation who is seeking support. The admin user will then be able to see a list of pending registrations of interest from volunteer applicants.  

The admin user can then select an application and see a record of the individual’s credentials. If they decide that the applicant is suitable then they will ‘place’ the volunteer using the platform and individual will be notified of being successful with instructions on next steps.

The ability for the system to remind a user that their volunteering opportunity is coming up via email.

DoIt.Life supports To Do list functionality, a dedicated area which is visible to the user that will list any experiences, including volunteering, they have been selected for that is coming up.

The user will automatically be notified by email and receive a platform notification when approaching the date they are due to take part in that experience.

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