Create a Team Volunteering Event

Before you create an event, switch into Admin mode for your organisation.

Then click the "+" button to open the create options and select Create Event


Give your event a Title. Leave 'Volunteering' selected as the type of event, and select the "Team Signups" option. Enter the number of places available. Set the date and start and end times.


Then start to type the location or postcode - make sure to select a matching location from the dropdown list.Screen_Shot_2019-05-10_at_13.50.12.png

Click "Further details" to add an image and detailed description.


Finally click the Preview button to see what your opportunity will look like when posted. If you want to save it as a draft for later, click back to the edit screen and select "Save as Draft". To publish your event, click the publish button.


When you publish you may be given some options of where to publish the event to.


Make sure to select the marketplace you wish your event to feature in. 


To edit your event (or find a draft to publish) go to your admin dashboard and select "Manage Experiences"


In your Experiences list use the 3 dots to open the menu, as select 'Edit Event'. 


You can also quickly create a new event based on an existing event using the Duplicate option, and then tweak the details for the new event before publishing.

When an individual registers for a Team Volunteering event, they specify how many places they require for their team and they become the "Team Leader". 

You will see the Team Leader's registration of interest in your Manage Volunteering > Applications list. You should also receive an email notification. From here you can contact the applicant and arrange further details before formally accepting their team onto the event.


Once you have accepted them onto the event, the Team Leader will receive an email notification with a link to invite and add in the rest of their team members.

Once you have accepted the team leader on to the event the number of places are reserved and will decrease on the event description. Further registrations of interest from a new team can only be made if there are enough places still available.


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