Invite an organisation to publish to your channels

Every ecosystem gets a default "Home Channel" - your Marketplace. You can also create as many further channels as you need. Only organisations you invite to be members of your ecosystem can publish to your home channel, but you can invite any organisation to publish to the other channels you create.

How to control who can publish to your Marketplace or Home Channel

How to control who can publish to your other created channels

1. Publishing to your Marketplace or Home Channel

By default all organisations you have invited to join you ecosystem have permissions to publish content and experiences to your home marketplace channel. You can remove this permission from Dashboard > Manage Ecosystem > Members and clicking "View Permissions"  for the organisation you with to remove this permission from.



2. Grant publishing rights to your other channels

To allow organisations to publish to any other channel you create, you will need to grant them permissions first.

Go to - Dashboard > Manage Experiences > Channels


Tip - if you don't see the channel you are looking for it may have been created by another admin of your organisation. Use the "My Channels" dropdown to select your organisation/ecosystem.


When you can see the correct channel use the 3 dots menu to select "Grant Publish Rights"


Then search for and select all the organisations you want to invite to publish to your channel.


If you want to pre-approve any content they create before it is published to your channel, then check the "Require Approval" checkbox. 

Click the "Send invitation" button to send you invites. The organisations you invite will receive an email notification of the invite, and an invite in their Dashboard > Manage Memberships > Invites console. They will need to accept the invite before they can publish to your channel.

Once the organisation has accepted your invite they will see your channel as an option in the "Publish To" screen when they create experiences or content.

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