I've not heard back from a recruiter

If you've applied for a volunteering opportunity and not heard anything, do first make sure you've given the organisation enough time to respond; charity organisations, particularly those of smaller size, often are run by teams who may not work every day, so do allow for up to two weeks to hear back from recruiters (although the majority of recruiters do respond within 5 days).

If you've still not heard anything and you'd like to chase up the role, take the following steps:

- Check your junk/spam folder just in case the organisation's response has ended up bypassing your inbox.

- If you had provided a phone number on your profile/with your application, double check to make sure this number is up to date.

- Navigate to the opportunity you applied for, and check to see who the opportunity listing was posted by. On the listing, you should see a section that says who the role is offered by, and who the volunteering is with. Sometimes roles are offered by intermediary organisations, and in those cases, it will show 'Offered by' on opportunity listings. You'll want to reach out to that organisation directly, the easiest way to do this will be to search for that organisation's own person website and find their contact information there.


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