Understanding the admin dashboard

Please note that we are currently in the middle of heavily redesigning this area of the platform, and we expect the functionality of this area to change quite a lot within the next few weeks. Do feel free to submit bug reports in the meantime if you spot anything that's not looking quite right, but we are looking to address the layout and functionality of this area imminently.

To get to your admin dashboard, firstly click on your profile icon (or the default profile icon if you haven't set a profile image). This can normally be found at the top right of the screen.


From the list that appears, click on your organisation under the 'Admin' heading. You should be taken to the admin dashboard straight away, but if you aren't, just look for the symbol below and you'll be taken straight there.


On the admin dashboard you will see a variety of different tiles to interact with. Please note that not all of these dashboard options will show for you, depending on the kind of organisation/ecosystem you've created on the platform. If you're interested in expanding the functionality of what you can do on the Do IT platform, please reach out to the support team on the support email address.


Under 'Manage ecosystem', you'll find ways to manage your connections to other organisations/ecosystems, as well as ways to manage members within your organisation and your overall organisation purpose.


'Manage Volunteer Experiences' is where you can manage any content you've created, as well as any applications you've received for those experiences.

'Recruit Doers' has a tile that will take you to see your outstanding applications, whereas the 'Manage Doers' section has a tile which will take you straight to your accepted volunteers.



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