Creating opportunity listings

To create an opportunity, head to your dashboard first (, then look for the create button at the top of the page.


This will produce a drop down menu which will allow you to select ‘create opportunity’ found under the experiences sub header.


You will be asked to first name your opportunity with a meaningful title to attract volunteers. Your opportunity will also need an image that you can either upload from your computer or select from our selection by searching using a keyword. Followed by entering a description of the type of volunteer you are looking for.

Enter the description of the opportunity, any skills needed, what activities they will do and any key practical considerations that need to be considered.


Please check off all requirements that are applicable to the opportunity. Next enter the location of the opportunity and the number of positions available. The location look up uses google maps so please make sure you allow access to your location. If the opportunity can be carried out remotely you can indicate this here by checking the Yes box next to home based.

If the opportunity is located across a number of locations please select ‘add location’ and enter the locations of the other possible locations.


If your opportunity has shift options please select yes and then fill in the required slot information (applicants will be able to apply to a particular shift), then enter your opportunity start and end date.

A custom acceptance email is a great way to provide extra information if the applicant is accepted, so feel free to use this field, or leave it blank if you'd prefer the user gets the default Do IT response.


Publishing settings allows you to select who the publisher is (this will default to your own organisation, but will show other organisations as options if you've been given permission to post opportunities for others) and also how long the opportunity will be live on the platform for. 


Lastly, you'll be able to set some purpose tags against this listing - be sure to set relevant categories, as this will ensure your opportunities surface as suggested opportunities to individuals who mark similar interests and purposes.

You can now either save your opportunity as a draft to finish later or you can preview it to see how it will appear to applicants. Once you have previewed your opportunity you can then select publish and your opportunity will be live.


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