How does the application process work?

So you've posted your opportunity listing - great! But what happens when someone finds your opportunity and wants to volunteer with you?

On every volunteering opportunity there's the following button:


When a user clicks on that, they'll be taken to the registration of interest screen, which looks like the below:


The screen above may vary slightly depending on the role that's being applied for, but after filling in that information and clicking 'Share', the user will be sent back to the opportunity listing, and be told that their registration of interest is awaiting a reply. They'll also receive an email confirming their registration of interest, and that email looks like this:


At the same time, you'll receive an email notifying you of your new applicant:


And when you receive this email, that's your cue to click on 'View Applicants', at which point you'll be taken to the 'My applications' section of your 'Manage volunteering' dashboard.


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