Managing applications

Once a user registers interest in one of your volunteering opportunities, you'll be notified via email that you have a new applicant. You can click the link to view your applicants in the email notification, or alternatively, head to your dashboard and click on 'Volunteer applications' beside 'Recruit Doers':


From the next screen, click on the 'My Applications' tab to see your latest applicants sorted newest to oldest. You'll see the contact information the user has chosen to submit, so the next step will always be to reach out to that user to continue the application process. 

We are looking into providing communication channels exclusively through the platform, but at the moment rely on you contacting the applicant off-site.

Once you've completed the application process, you can go ahead and accept that users application from this same dashboard (or you can decline it if they aren't a good fit). This allows you to see where you're up to with your applications easily at a glance, and once you've accepted an applicant, you can even assign hours they've volunteered to that applicant, allowing them to display that information on their profile. 


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