Signing up

From the community response page, you'll have three different ways to sign up to offer help. You should see two big buttons to choose from below, or alternatively you can click on 'Sign up' at the top right of the page too.


Clicking on any of those three buttons, you'll be taken to the 'Sign up' page. Here, you'll see a screen that looks a little bit like the one below:



Section 1 and 3 have you filling in general information we need to set up your account, including your email (you'll use this to sign in), your date of birth (we use this to verify you're 16 or over), as well a password.

Section 2 will automatically fill depending on which button you pressed to create your account - if you clicked 'Sign up' at the top right of the previous page, it will be blank, but if you clicked 'Local Charity Support' or 'Community Helper', these options will show pre-filled (worth noting that at a later date you will be able to list yourself as being able to support both groups). Select some connection tags here, as these are the support options you're saying you're able to offer to others, and it's what we'll use to match you to those needing help later.

 Once you're happy, click 'Sign up now' at the bottom of the page. Once you've done that, you should see the message below:


In terms of next steps, we'll email you when we're ready for you to review the help you're able to give to others at this time. Your commitment to help others is invaluable at this time, and will help charity organisations as well as individual in need of support a great amount.


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