Signing up and creating my organisation profile

From the main Coronavirus Responders page, if you're an organisation looking for help, click on the highlighted 'click here' text you can see where it says 'I'm a community or voluntary organisation looking for help'.


In doing so, you'll be taken through creating a regular account to start off with, so do follow all these steps first:


Once you've done that, you'll be prompted to fill in your organisation information. If you've used previous Do IT platforms before, do create a new organisation listing - in response to the coronavirus emergency, we are prioritising getting new content on our platform, and will look to migrate organisation pages specifically over at a later date.


Once you've created your organisation page, be sure to select the ways in which you'll be looking for help. In the next few days we'll be looking to match volunteers to you based on the information you've selected here.



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