Signing up and creating my organisation profile

From the main Our Community landing pageif you’re an organisation looking for help, click on the ‘We Need Help’ tile.


In doing so, you'll be taken through creating a regular account to start off with, so do follow all these steps first:


If you'd like to sign in with your account, follow the steps here.

Once you've done that, you'll be prompted to fill in your organisation information. Screenshot_2020-05-15_at_17.28.12.png

After this, you'll be asked to set a connection card - this is a simple way to be connected to users looking to support your organisation , so do pick one of the options here


Finally you'll be asked to set some causes your organisation is involved with, and to give us an idea of the kind of roles you have on offer too. These too allow us to help match you with individuals interested in helping organisations like yours.

Once you've created your organisation page, you'll be at your admin dashboard. 


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