What roles should I be listing during the current Coronavirus crisis?

If you’re looking for ideas about the kinds of roles you could advertise within Our Community, we’re happy to share some ideas we have!

There’s a reason why befriending roles are the most requested roles by volunteers on the wider Do IT national volunteering platform. It’s a really simple way to make a difference to someone’s day, and with a large number of people having to enter enforced isolation, befriending roles are more important than ever. Of course, the method by which the befriender reaches out will need to be re-thought, but this could always be left up to the person being matched. This is the time to be encouraging Facetime, Skype, Zoom, whatever tech is out there to help support the volunteer. Now is a very important time to work with your volunteers to help them support others in need, so be open to trialing new technologies and methods to connect two people together.

Deliveries or collections by… unicycle?
You don’t want volunteers to rule themselves out from helping based on the transport they have available. Some volunteers may be up for making collections or deliveries in their local area by foot, others may be happy to service their entire city with their van, and sales of bicycles have increased since coronavirus started to spread, so there may be a new source of volunteers looking to make cycling deliveries between towns in rural areas. Think about the different types of volunteers that could help you, and create calls for help that target them directly.

Shopping or urgent supplies buying
With a number of at-risk people having to self-isolate, people are having to rely on friends and family quite heavily to procure amenities. As the numbers of people infected by coronavirus swell, the need for people to help those at-risk by delivering supplies rises. Having someone pop down to the shops for you for a pint of milk is a really simple ask that can make a real difference to someone, but it’s also really important to know that the same person could be asked the next day to return to drop off paracetamol or flu medication too.

Administrative tasks
Certainly not the roles that’ll steal the spotlight, but with a number of people having to self-isolate, it’s important that charity organisations are given the support they need to run day-to-day operations as much as is possible. And a lot of the administrative tasks that ensure the smooth running of a charity can likely be done remotely, so don’t be afraid to ask for volunteers to help you. You might find there’s an army of support ready to be unlocked.

Opportunities that connect people
Ultimately the tech behind the Do IT platform connects people with one another, so take a step back and think about the ways you can do this in a safe and positive way. We’re hoping that the connections made at this tough time for everyone will last long into the future, and we’ll do our best to continue to facilitate building and strengthening those connections.


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