Virtual roles for Volunteers

Even though we’re all on lockdown, local charities and community groups still need volunteers to help keep their vital services running. ‘But what can I do from home?’ we hear you ask? Well plenty as it happens, all you need is a laptop/tablet/smartphone - or in some cases just a plain old dog & bone - and you’re good to go. 


From telephone chats with elderly isolated people to helping charities raise much needed cash, here are a few of the things you could be helping with right now:    


  • Befriend someone - many charities support vulnerable people, including the elderly and people living with a severe illnesses, who might be missing out on visits to day centres and events. A friendly chat via Skype or reading to someone over the phone will make a huge difference and make it that bit easier for someone to get through these challenging weeks. 
  • Help to fundraise - many charities struggle to make ends meet at the best of times but right now that challenge is even greater. You could volunteer to promote a charity’s crowdfunding or donations page - just a simple share to your friends or colleagues could help them secure some much needed cash; or if you have copy writing or sales skills you could help with writing a funding application to one of the emergency funds that have become available. 
  • Share your digital talents - many charities need help with their websites or social media presence. If you have web development experience or simply enjoy a good natter on Facebook you could use these skills to help a charity to raise their profile or communicate with their stakeholders.
  • Campaign for change - passionate about a cause or issue in your area? You could help a charity to make change happen by rolling up your digital sleeves and writing to your MP or lobbying your council, or simply asking your friends and family to spread the word. Big change often starts with the smallest actions so a few minutes of your time can make a real difference.
  • Get creative - from knitting jumpers to designing posters, from writing blogs to baking cakes, most of us have a talent we can share and many charities are only too happy to accept your offers of help.
  • Donate your professional skills - been furloughed from work? Charities are often on the lookout for pro bono support. You could help with reviewing contracts, developing business and fundraising strategies, advising on HR and legal issues or helping with accounting needs. A great way to keep your professional talents honed until you get back to the office.

Getting involved is easy. Just sign up, create a profile, tell us how you’d like to help and we’ll get you matched!  


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